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Official Rules
  • The Official languageĀ is English.
  • Make sure to post your threads in the correct section.
  • If you will post stuff/accounts in forum first check them that all be alive and working.
  • Search before posting something to prevent duplicate topics.
  • Help out new members if they are unsure or need assistance.
  • All links to external sites must be anonymous, you may use for that.
  • Do not Mini-Mod. This involves acting like a Staff Member, saying you're a Staff member, implying you're a Staff member, or acting as if you have the appropriate authority.
  • Rep 4 Rep is not allowed. (You REP me and I REP you back.)
  • It's not allowed to share your account or use other member's account.
  • Asking members to leak content from VIP/Staff areas is not allowed.
  • The creation of multi accounts is not allowed, if you do so all of your accounts will get permanently banned.
  • Do not repost content from Our forum on any other forum, it'll result in permanent ban.
  • Advertising other sites, referral links or /short link / similar are not allowed.
  • For your thread (post) select fit letter/word and no many emoji/symbols .
  • If you posted link/accounts in forum with hide them and link/account will be get dead fast, then you must fast update it or remove hide option from it or ask of Us for close it fast , otherwise you will get deducted all likes that you gain about this hidden thread , also if you won't care about this case then we will get permission about hide threads (post) from you .
  • Advertising your website through the PM (private message) system is strictly prohibited. Users found doing so, no matter how minor the case is, will get permanently banned.

  • If you receive an advertising PM, hit the report button or contact the Staff Team.

  • Only Verified Sellers are allowed to advertise their site or services.

  • No offensive images are allowed.

  • No advertising images in avatar.

  • Avatar must be kept clean of vulgar / disgusting images.
  • It's not allowed to include any type of ICQ/Telegram /etc in your signature.

  • It's not allowed to include any type of referral / advertising link in your signature.

  • Any advertising in your signature will result in infraction and your signature being reseted.

  • Do not insult Staff or other members in your signature, if you do so you'll get banned.

  • Do not make requests in your signature, it will be removed, if you do again you'll get infraction.
Warning / Infractions
  • Warnings are used as a quick reminder of the rules for mistakes.

  • Infractions are used as a more formal punishment for breaking of the rules.

  • If you're banned and you create a new account you'll get IP Banned.

  • If you break any of the rules, you'll be warned, infracted or banned at the Staff's discretion.

  • If you feel a warning is unfair, contact the Moderator who issued it and if the problem is big, definitely contact an Admin.

  • If you have been temporary banned, making another account will get your both accounts permanently banned.
Problems and Questions
  • If you have any problem with the site itself, then PM an Admin.

  • If you have problem with another member, please PM a Moderator.

  • If you have problem with any thread or posts, please report it or PM a Moderator.
At last, if you have any problem with a Moderator, please, PM any Admin.
* Keep in mind that each section has it own rules, make sure to check them, those are only the Global Rules.

Rules can and will be updated at any time.

Best Regards

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